Christmas Decorations You can Buy in Spain During Your Vacation.

If you’re planning a trip to Spain during the holiday season, you’ll find that the country is full of festive Christmas decorations that will add cheer to your vacation. There are many options, from traditional nativity scenes to colorful lights and ornaments. If you’re looking for more conventional Christmas decoration options, you can also find a range of Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and other festive items. If you vacation in Madrid, you will find it adorned with religious themes or traditional holiday motifs, such as holly and mistletoe.

Nativity Scene

One of Spain’s iconic Christmas decorations is the belén or nativity scene. These miniature representations of the birth of Jesus are an integral part of Spanish Christmas traditions, and you’ll find them in homes, churches, and public spaces throughout the country. Many of these belénes are incredibly elaborate, with detailed figures and buildings made from various materials, including clay, wood, and even chocolate. Some of the most famous belénes are in Madrid and Barcelona, often displayed in elaborate dioramas. You could even dress up your figurines in the latest Spanish fashion brands.

Christmas Tree

Another popular decoration in Spain is the Christmas tree. While you’ll find trees decorated with lights and ornaments in many homes, the main tree in each town or city is usually located in the main square or plaza. These trees are often quite impressive, with hundreds of twinkling lights and ornaments. Sometimes, the tree is accompanied by a market or fair, with stalls selling various holiday-themed items. One of the most popular gifts in Spain during the holiday season is the caga tió, a wooden log with a painted face traditionally decorated on Christmas Eve. This strange tradition is popular in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, and you’ll find caga tió figurines and other related items.


As the holiday season approaches, one of the most striking sights in Spain is the abundance of light displays. From the most exact strings of lights to grand, multi-colored arrays, homes and streets were adorned with various colors. In some towns, these lights were synchronized with music, creating a truly mesmerizing experience.

Spain has no shortage of Christmas decorations for sale for those looking to bring a piece of the festive atmosphere home. From traditional items such as nativity scene figures, angels, and wise men, to more modern options like LED lights and inflatable decorations, there is something for everyone.

In some Spanish cities, conventional Christmas lightbulbs have been replaced by more energy-efficient LED lights, providing an eco-friendly way to celebrate the holiday season. As the streets came alive with the bright colors of Christmas, it was clear that the Spanish took their holiday decorations seriously, with LED bulbs to help the environment and cut the hours their lights will be on this year. You can also find various holiday-themed gifts, souvenirs, ornaments, tree skirts, and figurines.

You can also find a range of holiday-themed food and drink, including festive cookies, candies, and mulled wine. In addition, Spain is a great place to find unique Christmas decorations. Check out the many festive decorations if you’re planning a trip to Spain this holiday season.